Possible issue with Adobe Creative Cloud and Hackintosh on Mavericks

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Oct 29, 2013
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I'm posting this so it might help someone else out in the future. I recently did a build with a Gigabyte Z87 UD5H and an Intel 4771. I basically followed the Customac Pro guide except I used dual 780s.

The machine was extremely stable under Windows 8.1 but under Mavericks it would lock up randomly, sometimes beach balling until everything froze and sometimes just freezing completely. It felt like a RAM or motherboard issue but the machine would run Prime95 under Windows for 24 hours and not bat an eye. It would crash a few times per day under Mavericks. It was driving me crazy.

On a whim I closed Creative Cloud from Adobe and stopped it from loading on startup. I haven't had a crash or a lockup in over 48 hours. I knew it was a P.o.S. before since it wouldn't even install on my new Mac Air but this seems ridiculous.

So if you're suffering mysterious lockups under Mavericks and you're running the Creative Cloud updater in the background, try removing it.
Hi Hasslethehoff,

I am currently experiencing similar issues with Creative Cloud. Only that I cannot even install i – freezes right away...

Do you or anyone else have any updates on this issue of yours?
I can't launch Creative Cloud
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