Photography hackintosh!

Jan 14, 2017
Hi guys

Firstly let me say I have been recommended to come here and read up from a mate of mine.

I am after a computer for doing photography editing.

I was going to buy an apple for around £2500 but believe doing is this way could yield something that will last alot longer before needing to be upgraded?

It must be capable of doing say 30-40 weddings per year, needs to be fast and use the obvious stuff like photoshop lightroom etc.

I havnt really looked yet but I am assuming a decent 4k screen that can be colour calibrated etc will be £800-1000 so that leaves around £1500-£1700 for parts, I then have a local pc shop who can bang it all together for a good price.

With this in mind what sort of spec can I be looking at or would you recommend going with a proper mac? PC is no good due to all the shortcuts in apple etc.

any replies appreciated thank you, I will now go and do some research and browsing on the forum :)