PCI-E Adapter ZYX360CD and BCM from 2012 MacBookAir

Jan 21, 2019
Hi there

First of all thanks a lot for taking the time to read through this post
I purchased the PCI-E Adapter ZYX-360CD and own a BCM943224PCIEBT2 from an old 2012 MacBook Air.
The BCM card fits in, but I can't attach the cables for the antenna, besides I am incapable of fitting this PCI-E Card into
my ASUS-TUF Gaming Z390 motherboard. I may just be too unexperienced to make it fit into my case (Corsair Air 240 m-ATX)

But the question I am asking you. Should the two cards be compatible with each other? Can i give it a try even without the antennas even being connected or do I need a different adapter?

My first attempt was adding the BCM card from my MacbookAir to a m.2 adapter card and you do not want to know what happened... the m.2 adapter almost got burned... turned off the computer straight away. Not sure if the m2. adapter was defect or i made a mistake inserting it (upside down? but it only fit one way). But that's a different story. Now I am obviously very careful what I add to my mainboard.



Thanks again for helping guys

My Setup
Corsair Air 240
Asus TUF Gaming Z390
Asus radeon rx 580
Intel Core i7-9700K CPU
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