pastrychef's build - Asus Maximus VIII Gene - i7-7700K - GTX 1080

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Nice write up of your build. I have all of my parts on order and should be able to do the build next week at some point. Since there isn't a Gene to be found and I was on a time crunch to achieve discounted parts I opted to go with the Hero and I had originally chose the Fractal Design Define R5 ATX case anyways.

I'm still deciding on the AMD 480 or the Nvidia 1060. I'll probably wait till the fall and see how Sierra shakes out.

It looks like your having good luck with the 17.1 definition so I may try going that way first. Between you and Stork I'm looking forward to a great build experience with your guides.
hi pastrychef's.
thank you for sharing your build infos!
one question: did you use an adapter for the apple ssubx or did you put it into the motherboard m.2 connector?
pastrychef, I'm curious about your Solarflare 10GbE PCI-e card.
Exactly which model is it? I'm looking to add 10GB Ethernet to my Hack if at all possible for a low price. There are several cheap 10GB cards on eBay by Mellanox, but I don't think they have OS X Drivers. Did you need to install drivers for the Solarflare or did OS X find it automatically?
Hi. I found a SFN5122F model on eBay a while back for $55. Solarflare has signed drivers on their website and it works perfectly in El Capitan.

I also purchased a Mellanox card for my NAS running XPEnology, which has native drivers for it. My NAS is an 8 drive array with dual disk redundancy and I use notoriously slow Seagate Archive 8TB drives. These are the speeds I get:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 9.17.59 AM.png
I just wanted to report that I did the 1902 bios update about 2-3 days ago and it seems to have fixed my random lost screen resolutions problem when using the iMac17,1 system definition. I'm a happy camper!
This looks great. Are you able to run the Luxmark GPU test to see if the 980 is OpenCL compatible? Thanks.
Yes, under additional notes, I mentioned that I'm currently using iMac17,1 definition and it seems to be working well. I was never able to figure out what it was about iMac14,2 that was causing my computer to shut down randomly. It never happens with MacPro3,1 or iMac17,1.

iMac14,2 advantages
Continuity works
Sierra ready
iMac14,2 disadvantages
Random, unexplained shut downs
Sometimes loses screen resolutions

iMac17,1 advantages
Sierra ready
CPU power states seem to be better than when using MacPro3,1
iMac17,1 disadvantages
Continuity doesn't work
Sometimes loses screen resolutions (powering monitor off and back on fixes it)

MacPro3,1 advantages
Zero anomalies
MacPro3,1 disadvantages
Not Sierra ready
Continuity doesn't work


After I've built up my first dual booting hackintosh (Win10/Yosemite) I've also experienced random cut offs (and shutdowns) of graphical output on the monitor with a GTX 980 reference card (ZOTAC). Allthough the card works flawlessly with Win10 prof. in Yosemite there are the same problems as you've described in your post. I've tried to change the profiles (iMac 14.2, MacPro 3.1,....) and update the nvidia web drivers with no success. Even the update to El Capitan doesn't cure the randomly occuring cut offs.
I expect your problems are related to the bios of the nvidia reference card being partially incompatible with OS X. I've replaced the card with a MSI GTX 980 (non reference) card. With the new card the problems are gone away.
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