OSX on Hackintosh after upgrade

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Sep 22, 2016
Gigabyte H270 Gaming 3
Intel Core i5 7600K
Nvidia GTX 1060
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Hey all, just as a sidenote - I'm super noob to all this and I do need a little help here so just please bear with me! :D

Basically, I used to have a fully working Hackintosh (Core i5 4690, GTX 960) and ever since I upgraded (Core i5 7600k, GTX 1060, due to the fact I game heavily on Windows), every time I try to boot into OSX, my PC restarts.

I've already done a bit of browsing and saw I could use FakeID to hack OSX recognise my CPU as Skylake instead of Kaby Lake but how would I go about doing this exactly? I'm using the Chimera bootloader. Secondly, would I also need to update OSX to do so? I'm currently running Yosemite.

Finally, since my graphics card upgrade, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the good old regular Intel HD graphics with the system. Since I'll be primarily using it for audio production for University coursework and no video editing (the music industry is still very Apple-oriented), I'm not too fussed about making this compromise.

I think the first port of order would just being able to get my system to boot into OSX before I do anything with graphics acceleration.

Thanks for the help guys, I'm sorry if some of this makes sense, I'm very tired and I'm also very noob.
There are no macOS drivers Nvidia's 1000-series graphics cards.
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