OSX Boot problem & Drivers

Feb 18, 2015
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone

This is my first hackintosh, but i have done quite a bit of research while trying to troubleshoot several booting problems that I had.

1) Every time I boot up I have to use this command for it to go pass the Apple Loading screen.
-f -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x3000 nv_disable=1

Is there anyway to not have to do this?

2) My computer is running very slowly in terms of frame rates, mouse movement etc. I have 8GB of ram and a very strong graphics card. My computer ran perfectly even with pretty heavy games when on PC and now it is acting up with no applications running on OS.

3) My internet was connected through a USB Netgear wireless card. My mac is not detecting this, and I cannot install the drivers from the CD since it will not detect the CD either...

Is there any method with seemingly less bugs? It took me about 5 hours of digging around to find the right commands to get this installed, and now that its installed it has all these added problems.

Has anyone had this problem before? How do I bypass this?