OS X 10.8.4 Update

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Asus P5QL Pro/Core2 Quad Q9550/ATI Radeon HD 5850

Installed with UserDSDT using my old slightly modded DSDT + Trim Enabler = works better than 10.8.2
Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update

Works fine on my Ivy Bridge build! GA-Z77X-UP5 TH! :)

My GA-Z77X-UP5 TH didn't fair so well lost the use of my eSata port so currently unable to use Time Machine. Also seems to be a long delayed signal from the graphics card GTX 660 Ti 3072MB on startup so much that monitor shuts off, have to manually turn it back on.
Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update

I could not get audio to work for a frustrating few days on my GA G31-MX2.

I finally got it working by using Multibeast 4.4 with the options ALC8xxHDA + AppleHDA Rollback + non DSDT ALC888 checked.

I wish there was a repository with older versions somewhere on the net. I should never have got rid of previous versions.

There is a repository here on TonymacX86.

Don't know if this link will work for you or not:

But it is in Downloads -> Tonymacx86 Downloads -> Archive -> MultiBeast Archive
Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update

Finally, I got my GA-EP45 updated from 10.8.1 to 10.8.4 using App Store by adding NullCPUPowerManagement and Easy Beast using MB 5.3.0.
Working fine on my old Core 2 Duo E7400, DG41RQ Motherboard, 2 GB DDR2 800MHz and ASUS GeForce 1 GB DDR3 EN SILENT

I need more RAM... Or maybe buy an processor, motherboard and memory updated...
Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update

i have the same motherboard and now it won't boot, only in safe mode.

I'm with you, i just did clean install 10.8.4 on same mobo and it would always hang in bootup, only way to get in was safe mode. I ended up just leaving audio drivers out and everything else works. So im just waiting for new audio drivers... any other ideas?
Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update

Gigabyte Z77-DS3H | Intel HD4000 graphics

Installed with 10.8.4 Combo Update > Reboot..

MultiBeast Reinstall of Realtek ALC887/888b (No DSDT - 100302 Current) + 10.8.3 Trim Patch > Reboot..

Everything works including iMessage btw- all good

i have same setup as you, z77 ds3h and i3 3225 so hd4000.

i had issues with my audio (or so i am thinking) doing clean install of 10.8.4.

You're saying yours works fine though? what revision of the mobo do you have? 1.0 or 1.1?
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Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update

Confirming that 10.8.4 installed okay on Lenovo Z580 i7. Awesome! :clap:
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