OpenCore doesn't detect Phase 2 of Mojave install, Clover does but fails to boot it

Jun 2, 2021
Google Pixelbook i7 (EVE) - Coreboot 4.13
i7 7Y75
Intel HD Graphics 615
Mobile Phone
  1. Android
Hardware: Google Pixelbook i7 (board codename: EVE) running MrChromebox custom UEFI firmware.

i7-7Y75, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB NVMe

I'm trying to install MacOS Mojave, loosely following the laptop guide + some documentation I found on GitHub for my particular laptop. Made my install USB off gibMacOS, no I don't have access to a real Mac. Currently, the computer has Windows, Ubuntu, and ChromeOS (via brunch) triplebooting together. I have an APFS partition I've created and set aside for this whole thing.

The first phase of the install goes fine. OpenCore booted MacOS Base System without any issues. Another person who also installed MacOS on a Pixelbook said to force power off the device when it freezes at the "2 minutes remaining" mark. So I do that, and reboot for Phase 2. The part where you set up the rest of the install on the drive. Except, Phase 2 doesn't show up in the OpenCore menu, at all. Cleared NVRAM, made sure the APFS partition was repaired/intact/the first phase of install stuck, did not show up. So I decided to try Clover, and while Clover detects the MacOS install, it fails to boot it. It spits out "Error loading kernel cache (0xe)." So how can I fix either Clover or OpenCore to boot the second part of installing MacOS?