Open and Save Dialog Boxes No Longer Work in Safari, Preview and Office

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Sep 23, 2011
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When I first upgraded to Mojave and switched from Nvidia to AMD graphics, I ran into the problem where Preview and Quicklook would beach ball. I solved that issue by enabling the integrated graphics. However, after the recent update to 10.14.6 certain dialog boxes stopped working in a suspiciously similar fashion. Preview still works fine other than the file dialogs and Quicklook still works, well, quickly.


- Clicking the upsidedown carrot next to a file name in Preview does not spawn a save/rename dialog. Instead, it beachballs for a while and then nothing happens.

- Clicking on a button in a webpage in Safari that should bring up a file browser dialog does nothing.

- Selecting Open from the File menu in Safari beachballs for a while and then does nothing.

- Clicking "On My Mac" in the file browser dialogs boxes in Office does nothing.

- Clicking "Export as PDF" (or Powerpoint) in Keynote beachballs for a while and then does nothing.

Many programs still function fine, for example, clicking Open in the File menu works fine in Chrome and Firefox, as does uploading files. Same for TexShop, BibDesk, Atom, Macdown and other programs that I use regularly, so it seems like there is a specific framework / library that was broken in the latest update, but I am unable to figure out what it is. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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