Only able to boot to desktop with nv_disable=1 ; GTX 960

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Nov 14, 2015
Gigabyte H81M-S2H
i7 4790 3.6Ghz
Radeon RX5700
Hi all - first time Hackintosher here so please be patient! :)

I have managed to get El Capitan installed on my machine and managed to get it booting by the internal drive. However - I now cannot get to desktop unless I input the boot argument of "nv_disable=1". If I do not input this parameter, then after a few moments of seeing the Apple logo and loading bar, the screen goes black and no signal is found - nothing will respond until I restart the machine physically.

I have tried installing the Nvidia Web Drivers to remedy this with no success. I have attempted various fixes with no success, and thus am pleading for help.

I am using a GTX 960 card. I have attempted a fix by using Clover to set my SMBIOS - first to a Mac Pro 3,1 - and then to an iMac 14.2, but neither made a difference. I have also tried using KextWizard to apply a kext to the system as per the advice found in this thread: https://www.******.com/r/hackintosh/comments/3fihqn/gtx_480_booting_without_nv_disable1_gives_black/ sadly to no effect.

For what it's worth, I'm connecting to my monitor via my cpu's HDMI slot with a regular HDMI cable.
add your system information to your profile.

after installing the Nvidia web drivers try to boot with nvda_drv=1
Thanks for the quick response. I have updated my profile.

Interestingly - I seem to be able to boot if I remove the HDMI cable and instead attach a DVI cable to the GPU and monitor. This works and seems to boot fine but is not a solution for me in the long run as I intend to run several monitors and the HDMI port is 100% necessary. Any ideas on how to fix running from the HDMI port or any troubleshooting on this type of problem in general?

I am booting using the line you suggested,
SMBIOS profile back to 14.2 ?
I've tried that - along with Mac Pro 3,1 - doesnt seem to work :(
what happens if you boot with DVI connected and then connect another monitor using HDMI ?
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