Ohchang's build: Gigabyte Z590 Vision G + i7-10700K + AMD RX580

There are no special components and settings.
Please check my components list(page 1) and look for the manual on the manufacturer's website.
I am actually just curious about the case you're using. I am using a Define R5 and wonder how much smaller the 7 compact is. Thanks anyways.
Thanks @ohchang worked perfectly. I'm now on 11.4 without any issues. Strange to see a IONVMeController kernel panic that is related to networking.

Thanks again!
i tried many ways but it seems my Ethernet still can't work Big Sur 11.4
The normal R series is larger than the compact series. However, the 7 compact has enough space for the dual rx580 sapphire and z590 vision g.


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Do you use multiple displays for this build? Do you use HDMI or USB-C to connect the display(s) to the RX580?
Nope. I use single 43 inch display through DP. And RX 580 has no USB-c port for display.