NVIDIA web drivers are installed and working but my graphics card is not outputting a signal

Oct 31, 2017
ASUS z270-a
Intel Gen 7 i5
ASUS GeForce GTX 1060
  1. MacBook Pro
I've been searching the forums all night for this fix and I've tried all the "black screen after installing web drivers" solutions but nothing is working so far.

I've installed an ASUS GTX1060 onto an ASUS z270 motherboard and am up and running with Sierra 10.12.6. My model identifier is iMac14,2.

I have an Apple monitor connected to the ASUS onboard video video DP which works fine. I have a Samsung monitor connected to my display card via HDMI which is not receiving any signal.

I've installed the correct version of NVIDIA Web Drivers and I can see that "NVIDIA Web Driver" is enabled in the control panel. I see my display card listed the preference pane however it's not assigned to a slot. I see 1-4 slots are labeled as "empty" and my display card is listed as number "-". Neither HDMI port is outputting a video signal?

I've tried changing cables and I've tried connecting the Samsung monitor to the onboard video and it works fine.

Any suggestions would be very helpful?


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