Nvidia Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Graphics Drivers

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Can't login now. But can get to safe mode. :/
Would I be able to install an Nvidia Quadro FX3800 card under ML 10.8.2 and what kexts would I need to edit and Multibeast options need to be set and Nvidia software to install to get this card to work if possible?
Article: Nvidia Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Graphics Drivers

I'm running ML 10.8.2 with a Geforce 550 ti. I am getting the fermi-freeze after sleep and other graphics issues when using the drivers provided by Nvidia yesterday. Can anyone confirm this is indeed for 10.8.2 and that it addresses these issues? In the install notes it mentions to make sure your on 10.8.1. Also I'm unable to complete the mod to Nvidia drivers that vczilla put out. Does anyone have a clear and precise guide (with steps) to update these drivers or is it as simple as going to Cuda in System Preferences?
Now HWmonitor shows the correct temperature for the GPU core (before the update it displayed value of over 10k)
Everything seems to work so far and I'll report if I come up with any issues.
What do the Grapicsenabler?
it will give full clock for the gtx 670? it's actually seen 750 MHz instead 1006 MHz
Article: Nvidia Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Graphics Drivers

What do the Grapicsenabler?

Because I have software that won't run unless the GraphicsEnabler is set to yes. Also, I am currently using 5870 with the GraphicsEnabler set to yes. So I really don't want to take a step backwards if I upgrade my GPU.
Software doesn't have anything to do with it. If OS X supports the card natively then GE= no will work 100%. If OS X does not natively support a card then GE = yes is to be used.

should I even bother with this driver if I am having no issues with my GTX260 card? Suggestions please...

if it ain't broke, don't fix it
I like taking a gamble. I recommend backing up your working machine:

  • Working Mac / Hackintosh
  • SuperDuper: Link (Free!)
  • 2nd harddrive equal or larger than used space on boot drive
    1. This drive will be wiped! All content will be lost!
  • Launch SuperDuper
  • The drop-down menu next to the word Copy select your boot drive.
  • Next in the drop-down menu next to the word To select the destination drive.

  • In the picture my boot drive is Lion. The drive I am backing up to is name Machintosh HDD 2.
  • Click Copy Now. Wait.
  • Once it’s finished you’ll have a backup drive. This way if you mess up your primary drive you can boot into the backup drive and use SuperDuper to copy your working installation back.

You need GraphicsEnabler=Yes to support multiple GPUs.

Even if they all have native OS X support? A few months ago I ran a GTX 670 and 6870 (I think, it was a friend's) with full graphics acceleration with GE=no. Was that just luck? I'm pretty sure I had his machine running dual 6870s running with genabler=no too.
With this driver my computer finally can go to sleep and wake without any problems. OpenCL with patch also works (not work on native drivers).
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