NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11.4 (346.03.06)

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Anyone get GB 980 Ti to work with 10.11.4 yet. I can only boot with "nv_disable=1" and the refresh rates is crazy slow. I tried the latest Nvidia web drivers at the begining of this thread with a black screen after halfway through the boot up progress bar. Worked great for 6 months on 10.11.1. No so after upgrading through apple app to 10.11.4

Hey, I installed the driver it works but not correctly, can't put higher resolutions than 2048x1152, my monitor is the dell U2515H(2560X1440) how can i solve it?
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After rereading the instructions, I switched the smbios from 15,1 to 3,1. All is well now. Thank you tony!
Hey guys.. I am having an very strange issue all together any help would be appreciated
my system
i7 2700k
EVGA gt640 2gb GPU

Basically I did a clean install of 10.11.4 ( had to use Nullcpupowermanagement kext or else it would get kernel panics and wont even boot to installer)
-finally install went perfect.. after installation and loading clover it would boot to a black screen and monitor would fall asleep.. so i disabled the nvidia driver using nv_disable=1 and machine boots but no GPU acceleration.. then loaded the 10.11.4 web drivers installed them np reboot the machine.. booted with clover command to enable web drivers.. it booted but i had horrible artifacts../ glitches.. / here is the real kicker.. it keeps logging me off to the log on screen .. so when your using osx.. and say doing anything i.e formating a drive or anything after a few mins / whenever it feels it would sign me off.. then i removed the web driver and now i am back to booting up to a black screen.. I know there is a way to boot without the gpu and use the intel hd 3000.. but is there anything anyone knows.. ie a kext patch.. / any way to resolve this id like to use the gt640 gpu which btw.. is suppose to be native..

thanks in advance..

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5
Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5
OS X Mavericks 10.9.5
OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
OS X Capitan 10.11.14 fo 10.11.15 Update OK:headbang:
Good evening everyone,
Or bought a new video card (gigabyte gtx 950 xtreme gaming) to put on my hackintosh, or installed the web nvidia driver and it all works beautifully but when I have to turn on the computer never starts on the first try, continues to reboot for 3/4 times, once part works everything perfectly,
or tried to make several attempts with config.plist of covers but without results, maybe someone had the same problem and solved,
many thanks in advance

NVIDIA has released alternate graphics drivers for OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. These are separate from the drivers Apple ships as standard, and should be considered experimental. These drivers have been known to solve OpenCL issues with certain applications, as well as providing better native GPU power management for certain devices.

NOTE: These drivers are currently the only method to get full acceleration for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, 750 Ti, 950, 960, 970, 980, 980 Ti, and TITAN X 'Maxwell' graphics cards. There are no current Macs with these cards, so support is absent natively in OS X.

If you've installed the drivers before, you may get a notification to update to the new drivers from the built in System Preferences pane.
NVIDIA Alternate Graphics Drivers for OS X 10.11.4 (15E65)

How to Install the Web Drivers:

In order to use the alternate drivers on a CustoMac, you must first install the driver package. Also make sure to choose NVIDIA Web Driver using the standard menubar or system preference pane then reboot.

If drivers do not initiate, add nvda_drv=1 to Clover config.plist under Boot > Arguments.

Common Problems and Solutions:

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