NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.10.5 (346.02.03)

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NVIDIA has released their alternate graphics drivers for OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. These are separate from the drivers Apple ships as standard, and should be considered experimental. These drivers have been known to solve OpenCL issues with certain applications, as well as providing better native GPU power management for certain devices.

NOTE: These drivers are currently the only method to get full acceleration for 'Maxwell' graphics cards: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, 750 Ti, 950, 960, 970, 980, 980 Ti, and TITAN X. There are no current Macs with these cards, so support is absent natively in OS X.

If you've installed the drivers before, you may get a notification to update to the new drivers from the built in System Preferences pane.
Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 12.17.56 PM.png

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F2315)

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F2109)

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F1912)

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F1909)

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F1808)

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F1713)

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F1605

Download the NVIDIA Web Drivers (10.10.5 Build 14F1021)

How to Install the Web Drivers:
In order to use the alternate drivers on a CustoMac, you must first install the driver package. Also make sure to choose NVIDIA Web Driver using the standard menubar or system preference pane then reboot.
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 11.25.00 AM.pngNOTE: In addition to setting nvda_drv=1 to NVRAM, as required by real Macs, NVIDIA now adds nvda_drv=1 kernel flag to /Extra/org.Chameleon.boot.plist automatically. There are no additional steps to take.

NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.4 (333.01.02f02)
NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.3 (331.01.01f01)

NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.2 (331.01.01)
NVIDIA Updates Web Drivers for 10.8.5 (313.02.03f01)
NVIDIA Updates Web Drivers for 10.8.4 (313.01.02f01)
NVIDIA Releases Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Graphics Drivers

Please note that these drivers should be considered experimental. If you aren't having any issues, do not install- the native OS X drivers work great for most people.
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GTX 970 I got black screen after updating to it. Now I can boot only with nv_disable=1 which is S*** because i have like 3MB VM hahah I tried to uninstall it and install it back but is not working. In the beggining it was working now not crazy things happend with NVIDIA Alternative drivers but hey TonyMac said anyway THEY SHOULD BE CONSIDERED EXPERIMENTAL !!!.

Can someone point me out what is wrong with this ?

Has anyone else noticed a significant regression in the speed and smoothness of their display after installing this driver version?

I have a GTX 980 and all seems normal for me. Don't notice any difference from previous versions.
Hello there,

I'm a n00b down here and was hoping to get any help from you guys. Since the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 of my old MacPro3,1 (running Snow Leopard) fried because of a heat wave in Madrid, Spain, I've been an avid reader of this forum to try to fix it.

After weeks of studying I decided to go for a Gygabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti. I figured out that it could work pretty straight forward only by updating to 10.10.5 and installing the latest NVIDIA WebDriver.

Here's where it gets complicated: Since I don't have any graphics card to display whatever is happening in my MacPro, I used "Target Disk Mode (TDM)" and connected via it FireWire to a MacBookPro. From there I ran the Yosemite update and it installed well.

After installing 10.10.5, I installed WebDriver-346.02.03f01 (also via the TDM). This driver no longer checks the distribution, nor if the GPU is present, so I installed it without any problem.

After installing Web Drivers i phisically connected the GPU to the CPU...and my monitors to the GPU via DVI cables...but nothing happens.

Any clues what could be wrong? Any suggestions on what to do next? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The card isn't supported natively by OS X. Most likely your preferences are still set to use the stock OS X drivers. Try booting in safe mode by holding X after you hear the boot chime.

See my answer to another Mac Pro user on the same question here.
slim.jim: thanks for your reply. i currently press T on the MacPro in order to enable TDM on the MacBook, I followed your suggestion to press X on boot, but can't enable TDM, so I can't see what's happening :(

stork: I followed your suggestion. 1) did the ​"nv_disable=1" thingie, 2) installed NVIDIA WebDriver again, 3) did the "nvda_drv=1" thingie and 4) rebooted --> no changes :'(

before I installed the WebDrivers i did experienced the
kernel panic (reboot loop) described on the FAQ, but that's no longer the case.

on part 12) of the FAQs it is described that
MacVidCards narrowed a problem regarding to the PCI slot to the MacPro3,1 (2008), nevertheless on his post he mentions different GPU models, but not mine (Gygabyte GeForce GTX 750 Ti, 2Gb GDDR5). In a desperate attempt to make this work I also tried changing the GPU to PCI slot2 with no luck :banghead:

could it be that i will need to buy or borrow an EFI card to drive a monitor and install the web drivers instead of using TDM?

last but not least, please orient me if this is the right place to post these messages. thanks for your help!

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