nVidia Driver performance

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Apr 1, 2012
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I posted this previously on the graphics forum but that does not seem much read.
I have been using a Hackintosh and the tools on this great site since Snow Leopard days, mostly with nVidia GPUs, for the last few years a 970 and that currently in a fully upgraded High Sierra Skylake i7 and all primarily to run Photoshop.
My impression is that the real world performance of the nVidia driver has degraded in Photoshop and applications of its ilk that use GPU acceleration. I suspect this is because the driver has not been upgraded but merely patched to work in newer versions of OSX.
I appreciate nVidia does the Hackintosh community a great favor by updating the driver at all and nVidia does not have the incentive to fine tune their software as they do for Windows. The latest update may have made a marginal improvement.
Problems in Photoshop CC were greatly reduced by turning down the GPU acceleration settings in Photoshop but I do not see these issues using Photoshop on the same computer booted into Windows 10 with full GPU acceleration.
Other programs that use GPU acceleration are also glitchy in OSX but are far smoother in Win10, for example OnOneRaw2018.
I would prefer working in PS in OSX in part because scaling is better on my 4k monitor but the glitchiness has driven me increasingly to Windows.
So if anyone has read this screed my question is if what I describe is a common experience or if there is a way I have not found to improve video driver performance? Do those who use AMD GPUs see this?
Or am I having another one-off Hackintosh experience unique to my particular hardware?
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