Nvidia 346.03.03f02 crashes FCPX (CoreVideo/CoreImage)

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Oct 1, 2011
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Has anyone tried (managed) to use FCPX with 346.03.03f02? It consistently causes FCPX to crash on the CVDisplayLink thread. Reverting to f01 resolves this issue and FCPX is usable, but then again that was a very buggy driver in the first place. Reinstalling the driver didn't help. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver didn't help either. Even reapplying the combo 10.11.1 installer and doing the whole driver_reinstallation dance didn't help.

Any ideas?
I'm not sure what this issue is. I'm using Final Cut Pro with that driver and haven't had an issue with it.
Thanks for responding.

The bug doesn't manifest itself immediately, but it consistently crashes FCPX on my box. Typically it will occur during playback when the playhead crosses a transition. Apparently I'm not the only one experiencing this, see for another instance of the same bug. In that case it was fixed by reinstalling the driver -- sadly this didn't happen in my case.
Funny that I stumbled onto this thread.

I'm the one that posted this issue on the other thread. I thought it was fixed by reinstalling the drivers but I was wrong.

The bug is really easy to reproduce since every time the playhead crosses over a transition, FCPX crashes.

I reverted back to OSX drivers and it's working fine now, albeit rather slowly. (BruceX results 45 seconds w/ Web Drivers vs 75 seconds w/ OSX drivers)
I upgraded to El Capitan 10.11.1 over the weekend (from Yosemite). I had to install the Nvidia drivers in order to get my installation working properly. I was super excited to get El Capitan working on my rig (Sandy Bridge, Z68 board).

However, today I was totally dismayed to find that Final Cut Pro continually crashes--mostly at startup--making it totally unusable.

Are you saying that there is a way to use an earlier Nvidia driver that will eliminate these crashes? If so, how would I get that?
Sadly this issue persists with the new 346.03.04f01 drivers on 10.11.2, rendering FCPX unusable with Maxwell cards without native OS X support.
Thank you for letting us know.

I've just updated to 10.11.2 and was about to try the new Nvidia drivers, guess there's no point now.
Sadly, even today's 346.03.04f02 drivers don't help --- FCPX still crashes constantly when scrubbing (or playhead crosses transition).
Yes, and now that I've updated to 10.11.2 there's no way back to the older driver. I don't have any urgent projects at the moment so I'm OK, but sure would like to see Nvidia fix this soon.
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