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Jun 25, 2013
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Salutations hackintosh community

I have just recently acquired an HP laptop and a few other things and wondering the best way for me to get to el capitan+?
I bought a new 1TB hard drive (not yet in use) to put in, a logitech gaming mouse and an 8GB thumb drive.
I own a macbook at with Lion on it and a physical copy of a Snow Leopard DVD

Build specs are in signature/profile in a moment. BUT i am slight confused of what it is i have exactly... I have attached a few png snips of CPU-Z and sytem preferences at the bottom.

Plans are to have an eGPU and monitor for gaming purposes/extreme video editing

What I am most certainly confused with is the process. From my understanding I have found this:

1?. Put in new 1TB HD into Laptop?? (I am so confused on this step as i have never done this before and wonder if i can just insert the snowleopard dvd and install onto blank HD with windows laptop??)
OR i put in new HD, reinstall windows 7 on HD and go onto step 2?

2. iBoot and UniBeast process with Snowleopard DVD (Do i use my macbook for this?)
(2.8. install new 1TB HD??)
(2.9. Install snow leopard)

3. Have mac on windows
3.9. download el capitan from apple store on macbook (or Hackintosh? but will need wifi adapter?)

4.use Clover to upgrade to El Capitan+?


6. Buy parts for eGPU :)

cpu snip.PNG
system snip.PNG

graphx snip.PNG
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