No video acceleration Graphics Intel HD4600

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Same here with High Sierra, i5 2500K + 660 Ti

Going back to El Capitan, can't find a Sierra DMG.

UPDATE: Updating CUDA 9.0.197 fix it.


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so after installed CUDA there is no graphics glitches at all ?
Did you check new web drivers

or just CUDA?


I just try new CUDA 9.0.197 and new webdrivers from nvidia, there is still glitches on screen, no change, screen is still problem !!

I try install Lilu.kext and NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext with kextbeast in /Library/Extensions, this not help too.

I try all combinacions of above (only webdrivers, only cuda, only kext) but no success

Only way i see is waiting for official multibeast support from tony and clear install of system
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i have a evga gtx560 wich didnt have any problem with 10.12 or 10.11, but i also have artifacts with high sierra.

same as reported before, if i put the machine to sleep or change resolution, artifacts are gone for a few minutes.

tried official drivers and also nvidia webdriver which came out yesterday, also played around with applegraphicspowermanagement.kext but nothing changes

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Interesting is, when im trying Nvidiaweb drivers, there was not possible to switch to them. You can switch but after restart, system is working with default apple drivers, no chance to switch to Nvidia drivers, trying again and again, there was always apple nvidia default drivers set as default after restart. I read that High Sierra dont allow to use 3thd party kext until you do this:

To disable or enable SIP add the settings to your config.plist
there is more option how to setup this param:

Relevant user options for SIP are as follows:

csr-active-config 0x0 = SIP Enabled (Default)

csr-active-config 0x3 = SIP Partially Disabled (Loads unsigned kexts)

csr-active-config 0x67 = SIP Disabled completely

1. Enable SIP

2. Reboot

3. Install WebDrivers

4. Disable SIP

5. Reboot

You must do this too of course in switching drivers:
1. Mount EFI Partition
2. Open /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist with text edit, Xcode, or Plist Editor Pro
3. Edit as shown below:

Code (Text):

4. Remove Boot/Arguments/nvda_drv=1 if necessary
5. Save and reboot

In previous post i think that im succesfuly switching to Nvidiaweb drivers, that was mistake, after restart i check this and see it later that system was not switched

So , such as not possible to switch to nvidia kext, it's possible that apple default drivers for nvidia is non readeable for hackintosh, because its from previous sierra hackintosh installation and something dont allow to use it properly?
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