No Display Wake after Hibernation nor Standby

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Dec 21, 2016
Asus z97 pro-gamer
GTX 970
So hey everybody, sorry if I create another post on this already solved problem, but I can't seem to find a solution that works.
Whenever my desktop's screen goes standby or I put my Hackintosh into Sleep mode, after it wakes up, the screen stays black, without signal (HDMI no signal).
This is an already well debated problem, but I think that there's something unique to my setup that prevents sleep from working, so I kindly somebody to help me, especially since I need my Hackintosh for graphic design and I can't have to reboot it every time it goes to sleep-

Now, my setup is
-ASUS z97 pro-gamer (with the front usb 3.0 and audio ports of my case attached to the mobo dedicated usb 3 and hd audio connectors)
-Nvidia gtx-970
-Samsung 850 Evo 128gb SSD
-1 tb WD blue
Running on High Sierra 10.13.6

The screen is attached to the HDMI Port of the GTX 970. I have the web drivers installed and properly working, plus I have enabled the iGPU (hd4600) to work in parallel with external graphics for enabling hardware accelerated encoding (42 seconds in the BruceX 5k bench). I've enabled this using Lilu.kext and Whatevergreen.kext, "shikigva=12" as boot arg and my ig-platform-id=0x0d220003. I also have set "AppleIntelCPUPM" in config.plist. I use Mac 14,2 as system definition. Even though i've also tried the graphicsfixup.kext, it still won't work.

I will also attach my entire EFI clover partition if anyone would be so kind to go and check out if there's something wrong in my configuration! I bet that there's something wrong in the Kexts or the Confing.plist!

Thanks in advance for help I hope to receive soon! :crazy::banghead::mrgreen:

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