<< Solved >> no boot after cloning hdd to ssd

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Jun 28, 2011
Hp elite 8200
GT 710
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Hi there, I have a perfectly stable Hackintosh build (High Sierra), I use an HP 8200SSF, 16GB ram and a Geforce GT710 graphics card. My hdd is a rather old 250Gb which I cloned to a 480 Patriot ssd. The procedure was as follows: I booted up in recovery mode and selected to restore my Hdd to the new ssd that I had connected via usb, from the Disk Utility. After the cloning was completed, I swapped drives and gave it a go but no luck. I think that something went wrong with the boot loader because when both drives are connected to my system (in BIOS I see SATA0 and SATA1, HDD and SSD respectively) I see the boot loader option to boot from either of them. They both work (and actually the ssd is quite fast for an old system like this). But when I remove the HDD I lose the boot loader and I only see a blinking cursor (tried both SATA0 and SATA1). I rebooted the machine and run Multibeast again on the ssd, no luck. I mounted the EFI from the HDD and copied it to the SDD via clover configurator, no luck... any ideas? My goal is to able to run my cloned system only from my ssd and completely remove the hdd. For now, I only keep the HDD to have the boot loader and then I select the ssd to boot from...

I had to reinstall both clover v2.4 and re-run configurator and copy EFI from HDD to SSD. Everything works.
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