No Audio Devices - AppleHDA Realtek Audio


I will reinstall my system and cross my fingers, that this time my audio devices will show up. I suspect it to be somewhere deep in the config of MacOS.
EDIT: As it turns out, installing new with new Clover and Mojave did not fix the issue. Problem exists, even when patching AppleALC.kext.

What did the trick: Moving to OpenCore and doing a clean NVRAM Reset fixed my audio issues in macOs as well as in Windows 10. *There was also no audio device*
Hello all! I solved my problems in Mojave with: MultiBeast-11.3.0 Mojave-Edition / drivers / audio / Voodoo HDA v.2.9.1
Maybe you need to install Lilu + Apple ALC with KextBeast in Library/extensions; and put layout in Clover Configurator (layouts 1, or 2, or 3...)
Simple. Enjoy your High Definition Audio Hardware ;-)