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Jan 9, 2019
first post, please be gentle

I have searched through the forum a bit and am trying to figure out what would be most cost effective for a higher end workstation used for recording music

I have gathered that certain hardware works, others not so much etc etc

I have no skills building nor do I intend to learn how, was curious if going by your recommendations for a motherboard etc then have a company build me a windows workstation to then upload mac os to,

seems to be a better bet for my situation considering, the software "modifications" etc is in my wheelhouse so I could save money from having someone build it and then do all the mac os aftermarket stuff, (hope i'm being clear) kind of a half measure given i don't want to build a computer, given i'll mess up possibly horrifically with expensive stuff...

i've seen intel xeon i9 workstation builds for less than 5k and another build with a W xeon 18 core which is in the imac pro currently for less than 5k as well, other options would be getting a dual xeon workstation, either e5 v4s or gold 22 core stuff, making sure that the motherboard used if there are any at all, (sorry not sure yet) would work with the mac os

and other sites build for cheaper than i thought, and much cheaper than any mac on the market i'd care to have, with similar hardware if not one to one

i currently have a good ole mac pro 5,1 2x6 core 3,46 blablabal, getting the usual 32k on geekbench 3 and i can't remember (27k) on 4


building workstation worth it through online sites a more time efficient way to do a hackintosh


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First point, Welcome to :)

Getting a 'workstation' grade machine running macOS can be quite a challenge right now. It requires a lot of work and consistent maintenance to keep running as the newest Apple Mac Pro hardware is some years out of date. The next gen Mac Pro should offer some help in addressing much of these issues. The iMac pro has helped with some hardware compatibility and smoothed the journey for many users. A modern consumer grade CPU is possibly all that you really require as these are significantly more powerful than other CPU models from the last 2 years and are a wold away from the old mac pro 5,1 machines performance levels.

Take a look around the music section of the forum and ask @BoomR for advice regarding the type of applications and projects that this machine is to work with. BoomR works in your industry and has a great level of knowledge that should assist you in making some decisions.

The following guides/builds are for a reference point. you likely don't require a higher end graphics card, but the base motherboard/CPU at the heart of these builds will be powerful. Which suit your requirements best can be decided between yourself and boomR depending on the type of workload that you anticipate using.

Mojave build:

High Sierra Build:

Consumer grade hardware is simpler to get running and keep running as it mirrors closer resemblance to existing Apple hardware:

I hope that this adds to a healthy starting point and provides you with the tools to find further guidance/assistance through some reading of related threads.

Good luck. :thumbup:
Jan 9, 2019
thanks a bunch, this is very helpful, finding information on here specific to my needs/wants has been difficult

i'll try to hit up who what i can, and appreciate it mucho
Jan 9, 2019
Direct link to Music section (Forum > Clubhouse > System Usage > Music):

very helpful and now it's bookmarked, sorry about the ignorance about how to navigate the site, but all aforementioned is incredibly helpful

i'm excited about the hopefully coming mac pro which hopefully be modular, but cost will be a determining factor hence this site hackintoshs in general i would assume

i'm willing to bet base price for a mac pro is going to be 7k, maybe more

i don't like the imac pro because the accessibility problem, all is very hidden and delicate for most common people, and this issue is worse with the regular imac

hopefully the mac pro addresses these issues, i assume it will, but meh, who knows,

either way thanks again