New to Hackintosh Build

Feb 12, 2018
So for the past few months I have been looking into building a new PC for myself as I go of to university. I have enough saved up to build a fair system but I do not require it to have much if any gaming capability as I have a console for that. What I was more looking for was a low power Hackintosh to compliment my Macbook Pro I plan to use for taking notes. The PC will be left at home as a secondary computer for the holidays. I was planning on using a coffelake build, ideally an i3 8100, and while i know its complete overkill a Gigabyte Z370N WIFI motherboard as it has the features I like and I plan to upgrade the CPU further down the line if I need the computer for more than just light CAD work and document editing. However from previous posts I have found this board requires some quite complex config editing to get all the features working and while I am happy to learn this and test it if anyone had any better recommendations for a motherboard and CPU i would greatly appreciate it. I like the mini ITX form factor but i also plan to run the board of a pico psu, now i know the board from gigabyte has an 8 pin socket but i have found adapters to connect it to the pico. Im just mainly looking for advice on a new coffee lake build installation guide for high sierra and any additional files or configs i might need to get this board working fully, including wifi and bluetooth which im aware ill need a broadcom adapter for. Many thanks in advanced.