New El Cap install, config.plist fixed, now no graphics

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Nov 8, 2013
Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH
GT 640
Mobile Phone
  1. Android
Mobo: Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H
CPU: i7-4770K
GPU: Nvidia GT 640

OS: 10.11.2 on UEFI/GPT SSD with Clover (have other OSes on a second (MBR) SSD; I have to boot OS X via the BIOS list, as Linux' Grub2 can't find the Mac partition on the UEFI drive, but that's a fix for another time).

Everything installed fine from the USB drive, ran MultiBeast, injected Nvidia, Intel e1000 NIC drivers. Reboot -> all good.

Tried to do the iMessage/Facetime fix by using Clover Configurator. Generated new SN, board SN, etc. and changed the hardware profile to a 2014 iMac 15,1 (closest to the actual hardware; 2008 iMac 3,1 seemed a bit old).

I now have no video at all when rebooting from the SSD. The OS has booted, as it eventually goes to sleep, then the machine fires back up with mouse movement.

If I boot it from the USB drive, I have graphics. Checking the EFI partition on the boot drive, all the config.plist changes are there.

I thought about running MultiBeast again and injecting Nvidia graphics one more time, but I assumed that would clobber my config.plist changes.


Also, as an aside, I am using the Nvidia HDMI audio, but doing the fix per the guide here didn't work. But that's also another issue I'll get to later.

Any help with fixing the graphics issue would be appreciated - thanks!
Not open for further replies.