Need help: Messed up my drive

Dec 24, 2016
ASUS Maximus VI Hero (Z87)
Intel i7 4790K
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Ok here's the story: I have a PC with an ssd and a hard drive. The ssd has my Windows OS and everything, and the hard drive has a Hackintosh macOS Sierra on it. I decided to clone macOS to a partition on the ssd to get much faster speeds, but now I can't boot into windows. I followed instructions to install a Uefi boot loader onto the drive (clover) and I think this was the problem. I have tried to erase the partition using mac disk utility and formatting it as a Mac OS journaled extended, exfat, and ms-dos (fat). What my computer gives me when I try to boot is a black screen with a console like blinking line. I am looking for a way to not lose any files, but at worst I can lose the files but I need my Windows OS intact. Thanks for reading and please help. Perhaps there is a way to uninstall the boot loader?