Need Chimera UEFI files

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Dec 27, 2015
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Hey there, I had my Hackintosh running for a while and I let a friend install Grub and he installed it on my Hackintosh's EFI-Partition.

We were trying to fix this and extracted the EFI files of Clover from a USB-drive we created with Uni-Beast but my Hackintosh won't boot with Clover.

However my Mac-Installation (Yosemite btw) boots from the USB drive (with Chimera 4.1) just fine, so we want to put Chimera in the EFI (additionally to grub). Our problem is: we can't find the EFI-files for Chimera. Is there a way to get those files?

We already searched the USB drive (which boots with Chimera) but couldn't find anything bootable, same with the Chimera installation packages. Anyway to extract them without actually installing Chimera? A link to a folder/zip would be gratefully received too ^^

Thanks in advance :3
Why not just boot from Unibeast installer then re-install Clover ?
1) Clover works, but it can't boot my Mac-Installation
2) Even if we re-install Chimera it would wipe grub and we had to start all over again. But we're trying it now anyway, so we can boot into Mac and Windows properly again. And then we find a way to boot into Manjaro Linux.

So we tried to re-install Chimera with MultiBeast now, but it still boots into grub. But we hope that we can find the files so we can chain load from grub.
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Hey, this is the "friend" that installed grub - after unsuccessfully attempting to chain load Chimera (I now think maybe the missing Extra/ folder on the EFI partition, or the EFI filesystem type, may have been the problem) and numerous attempts to use the GUI based installers for either Clover or Chimera which continuously failed to actually write the bootloader, I finally got Chimera back by creating a Chimera USB boot stick, booting into OS X and following the instructions in this thread:

We can now boot his Hackintosh setup again (His primary system) and could - in theory - possibly set up Chimera to boot his Windows and Linux installations. If I still have the patience ;)

What remains unclear:
- How to successfully chain load Chimera from grub - What was missing? Probably /Extra.
- How to successfully set up Clover based on his working Chimera config.
- How to setup Chimera to add boot menus for Windows (works through cursor-up menu) and Linux by default (We're looking into that right now.)

to be continued.. :D
Problem was possibly that Legacy installed Grub will not boot EFI installed OS X.
Try installing the Chimera boot file and /Extra folder to the root of the OS X installation instead of in the EFI partition.
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