Need advice - Researching graphics card upgrade for video work (after effects and FCP X)

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Sep 24, 2011
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GTX 980 TI
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Here is my current build that has been working for about 4 years now:

Asus P9x79 Pro
Intel 3930k
AMD 6870 2GB by XFX

I built this machine for occasional editing with FCP X and it worked great. But time has passed and am looking to upgrade GFX card and have no idea which direction to go. I have been researching the boards here and it seems like I should go with a RX 480 in a few months once official drivers from Apple are supported (which seems inevitable) or GTX 970 now.

I am torn since I have been playing with After Effects and the idea of CUDA perforce with adobe software seems like a huge plus but I still prefer to edit in FCP. Plus, I will not be doing any 3D graphics/ ray-tracing rendering anytime soon. Render times make no difference to me, but am looking for something to boost real-time performance and faster previews. I am looking to stay under $300 and am not super comfortable with hacking ROMs, etc.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I would recommend Nvidia. Look for GTX 1050Ti or 950 GTX.
I thought there was no support for 10 series cards on hack.
Thanks for the great link Walker! And yes, 10 series cards do not work with Hacks (and may never).

After all my research, I have decided to go with a GTX 980ti, but am having some issues find one for a good price. Its scary buying a used graphics card, especially when I expect it to last me 3 years minimum due to budget constraints.

Anyone have advice on where to buy a card in the US? eBay the best bet?

Thanks all!
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