My G5 sleeper mod

Jan 2, 2016
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Hello! seems like this subforum is dead so let's live it up a bit
I am planning to do a G5 case conversion to ATX motherboard but keeping the case as stock as possible.
I ordered the MountainMods motherboard tray - which was a Rip-off -56$ for the part 60$ shipping to Germany and about 85$ custom fees.
i ordered a G5 case off of ebay and it was all bent up, then i got and ordered another one which also came all bent up and now i am waiting for my third one which hopefully will come with sraight feet and frame.
Total cost of the cases was by now 430 euros or about 500$
i will upload pics once the build starts and keep you updated
Also suggest me components,i was thinking i7-6800k and x99 deluxe motherboard and of course GTX 1080 founders or wind force - bog standard
Also couple of questions
What should i watch out for ?
anyone knows where to buy the cable for the front i/o pre made ?
anything i should add more ?
Let me know - Thanks,