My First G5 Mod (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) [Upgraded]

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Jun 11, 2012
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My First G5 Mod (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing) [Completed]

Hi everyone! I have been at hackintoshing for 6 weeks now and have built 3 systems using all the info and directions here. Thanks to Everyone!!! I decided that now that my system behaves like a Macintosh, it should look like one too. I have owned many Macs in my time, starting with the Lisa, and before that the Apple II. I even have a IIgs somewhere under the stairs. I have been programming on Macs since the Mac 128K. I used a small assembler back then called MacASM and only had 22K of room to program in. Anyway I digress. I currently own a Mac Quad G5 with 16GB of RAM and two huge hard drives that I am in love with it and am keeping it as a working system. My day to day system is a 15" Late 2011 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and a 750GB 7200RPM HDD, both internal. I connect this bad boy to my 27" thunderbolt display to earn my living. Anyway, enough about me.

The first Hack I put together for my son was a gift for his graduation. He had previously been using a 20" iMac with a 2.0 Ghz Core2Duo and doing some heavy WOW gaming and wanted to move to Diablo. Well he burned his graphics card out on it (I was able to replace it, but that's another story), so I decided that PC hardware was the way to go for him. I decided to build him a system. This would be my first ever ground-up PC build. I chose an i5 quad-core ivy and a GA-Z77-D3H mobo. I know, audio isn't supported - solved with a Sony USB stick. But when I bought it, I only had Windoze 7 in mind for it. I added a Gigabyte Radeon 6850 graphics card and a Corsair 600W PSU, all in a Fractal Design gaming case. After I installed Windoze on it, I thought....Hmmmm maybe it can run Mac OS X. I started reading and reading and after a week or so I tried a UniBeast install of Lion. It WORKED.... and damn... it was FAST! I had to have one of my own!

The second Hack I put together was an i5 quad Ivy on a GA-Z77X-UD5H mobo (based on recommendations here). I added the same Gigabyte Radeon 6850 for graphics and a few hard drives I had laying around. I used the same PSU and decided on a Corsair Obsidian 650. It went smoothly....until I stumbled onto all the stories here about modding G5 cases. I had to build one!

I started by placing an ad in Craigslist which was quickly answered. I picked up a case that was in wonderful condition except for a minor scratch on the top. For a 7 year old case this was minor! Before I gutted it, (it came without a video card, the front fans, and a hard drive) I wanted to see if it powered up the fans. I was hoping for a working power supply to part out. I plugged it in and pressed the power button and it chimed!!! OMG I got a working G5 for $50! Well not so fast. After acquiring some front fans, a video card from a dead G4 and a hard drive I had lying around, It would not stay running reliably. I think the CPU's were overheated to near death. So I was happy to be able to begin gutting the case.

I now have the case all cleared out of parts; the motherboard standoffs are still attached. I have read just about every G5 mod posted on this board and many on you-tube as well. I purchased the dual 80mm Mountain Mods brushed aluminum tray and the Corsair HX650 PSU I plan to use for it and am now in the planning stage just prior to the cutting(gulp!). I have stocked up on dremel cutting disks and also purchased a new cutting disk for my multi-tool. I even cleaned out my garage in preparation for this project.

I have decided to call this mod "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". My goals are to keep the outside modification of the G5 restricted to the rear of the case. From all other angles it should appear like a Mac G5 at first glance. I intend to purchase a 27" Apple Cinema Display, Bluetooth Mac Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Trackpad to compliment it. Inside it, I want it to be future proof. All components should be easily upgradable. I want a minimum of glue, perhaps used for the odd standoff and cable clips only. The inside is to be ascetically pleasing, neat and tidy with good cable management. IT doesn't need to look like the original G5. Kinda like when you pop the hood on a rebuilt car and admire all the chrome pieces. I run my Quad G5 on my desk with the side panel off and the plastic bezel on, and I would like to do the same with this mod. I will probably need a bigger desk, though.

I will take some pics of my empty case tomorrow before I begin cutting the top shelf for the power supply. If that goes well, I may begin laying out the cuts for the Mountain Mods tray.
I'm in the process of doing the same thing with the same motherboard. Got all the main stuffs mounted up and I've been using it in the G5 case the last few days. Still waiting on fans, a second hard drive caddy and a pre-made front panel USB/FireWire/power button/led to motherboard cable :)

Also, it looks damn good next to my 27" cinema display!
I have been envying those front panel cables. Do you mind me asking where you are getting it from and how much it cost? Im in Canada, but close enough to the border, I can get it shipped to a US address.
1) The Preamble: Disassembly and Cleaning

Creating the clean slate for this project starts by taking apart a G5, which is an unforgettable experience. From removing the heat sink cover plate to extracting the huge motherboard, you experience the quality that went into producing such an amazing machine.
I carefully placed all the hardware removed into an empty container so nothing would get lost.

This is the saddest part of the project. The most difficult part was disassembling the door lock mechanism under the top shelf. Once everything was removed from the case, I used Windex to clean off all the dirt and dust that had accumulated over the years.

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Hi bro ,
Mind to share how to get +25v for font panel pin1?
Just connect 2 x +12v then ok ?
Do u have photo show how to connect ? Thanks :)
2) Getting Your Feet Wet: Mounting the Power Supply

I decided that I would mount the PSU on the top shelf behind the optical drive. This means that I don’t have to open up my new power supply [to mount it in the old G5 power supply case] (voiding its 7 year warranty) and that should it ever fail or if I want to upgrade it in the future, I can easily fit another in the same spot with relative ease. It also means that my ATX tray must fit completely below the top shelf.

I first placed the power supply in the top rear part of the case and then placed the top shelf in place. NOTE: you cannot install the PSU on the shelf after the shelf is installed. I pushed the PSU as far back as possible and then moved it forward about 1/8". I have purchased a 90 degree plug to use as an internal pigtail which will be soldered to an IEC socket that will be mounted on the rear panel of the case near the top. I double-checked that there would be enough room for it inside (and the wires) where I had the PSU positioned.

I initially had the PSU pushed all the way back to the side panel, but decided that a bit of room back there would be good, so I moved it forward from the side panel by about ¼".

I marked the position on the shelf with a sharpie. I then removed the PSU and the shelf and made a paper template of the side of the PSU with the fan. I used this template and taped it onto the shelf in the position that I marked. I traced out the hole to be cut for the fan and also the position of the screws holding the PSU top in place. I plan to use those screws to hold the PSU in place. I clamped the shelf to my workbench and used a multi-tool with a cutting wheel to cut along the cut lines. I cleaned up the cuts with a hand file.



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cklun86 said:
Hi bro ,
Mind to share how to get +25v for font panel pin1?
Just connect 2 x +12v then ok ?
Do u have photo show how to connect ? Thanks :)

I was wondering that too. I haven't got that far yet, but I will post those details when I know.
chaosdesigns said:
cklun86 said:
Hi bro ,
Mind to share how to get +25v for font panel pin1?
Just connect 2 x +12v then ok ?
Do u have photo show how to connect ? Thanks :)

I was wondering that too. I haven't got that far yet, but I will post those details when I know.

Ok, will keep an eye on your thread.
Looking forward on your update.
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