My 3 asks: ProTools, Adobe Premiere and Rackmounted

Sep 15, 2017
Hey everyone,

I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been answered a million times already. I am looking for a Hackintosh that is rack mounted (preferably 2U although 1U would be sweet) that can run Pro Tools (10 or Higher) and Adobe Premiere/CC. Are there any builds on this site that I can make work in a rack mounted case? I saw a post from 2011 by someone who built one for live gigging. His rig would totally work for what I need but I assume in 6 years there has been some better gear.

I am currently running PT12 native, but I would like the option to upgrade to ProTools HD in the future. This would require an open PCIe slot. This is not necessary for me at the moment, but it would be good to have as an option.

FTR: I am not a computer whiz. I know enough to follow a conversation but building my on PC is a first. So forgive me if I ask stupid questions.

Mar 7, 2017
Gigabyte X99 Designaire
Nvida (2) 1080 ti
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I thought I had the answer. I've got a rackmounted 6900k with the gigabyte designaire, 128gb ram, 2x 1080ti in SLI and triple boot (nvme is on Linux, but I think I'm going to get rid of that now) all running on Sierra.

Premiere runs great as long as I either starred the project on my computer or import other people projects into a new project

Davinci 14 runs like a dream. No qualms.

Pro Tools I cannot get to run properly. We have an HDX card in the furthest left slot (or top slot, can't identify the #) HDX card is recognized, everything runs great, 5.1 is on point, then I try to play and I get a -9129 or -9171 error. I've optimized the Mac, turned off wake by Ethernet and safe boot, clean install with HD Driver first, uninstalled media composer and clean install again... I've disabled hyperthreading - no go so I re-enaboed hyper threading (Unfortunately pro tools 12.8.1 won't let me select the number of cores to use) I've selected disk cache and sound library to be moved to an internal software HDD raid....

Basically, I can't get Pro Tools to work and this thing is supposed to be a money maker for me and Its just as bad as the trashcan. I know windows is an easy route but these pro tools cards are Mac or Windows only and all our clients use Mac!

Needless to say I'm lost, I can't help, and am also looking for advice...