MultiBeast 6.1 Update

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Article: MultiBeast 6.1 Update

Great work Guys
now comes the Noob Question , how do i know if i need the new updates or not on my system, my rule of thumb is as long as it's working don't try to Fix it , right ?
thanks i'm still learning and new to this Form
have a good day :)

I would go with that thinking :thumbup:

Adrian B
Is it upgrading from previous multi beast? For example, AppleHDA? I just installed mavericks 10.9 and before installing multi beast, updated to 10.9.1 via delta update .dmg and after restart, I did the multi beast install with proper choices including AppleHDA...
Great, thanks. Would you advise to install "USB 3.0 - Universal" kext in case that MB (i.e. from gigabyte) makes OSX recognize USB3 straight away thanks to XHCI options?
Article: MultiBeast 6.1 Update

why did those ethernet drivers get removed?

On my system it was causing system (Mavericks 10.9.1) lock ups (no panic just complete freeze) when downloading anything using ut*****t, Lynx2Mac kext works fine.
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Thanks for this guys!
awesome!wonderful!hope to make LGA2011 platform to be more compatible with the OSX10.9.1(13b4116).
Super! HNY!
Thank you for your hard work!
Thank you for your commitment. Great job!
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