MultiBeast 6.0 Update

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Article: MultiBeast 6.0 Update

Amazed at the speed with which you have released UniBeast and now MultiBeast for Mavericks !! :clap:

I get home for work, check what the keynote offered, spool over to tonymacx86 to see developments and there it all is!

Thanks for all the behind-the-scenes effort!

Article: MultiBeast 6.0 Update

Nice job MacMan and Tony. Really like the clean new look and ease of use.
Kind of feels like today is Christmas morning about two months early :)
Wow, this is so much better than the installer.
Works awesome with:
H77 - DS3H
GTX 570 1,2 GB
8GB 1333

I love Mavericks :D
Would this also solve the new 2011 boards with the E5 chipset??

Thanks for the update. U guys do Rock
You are rockstars!
This look real cool!
Great. Can't wait to try.
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