MultiBeast 5.3 Update

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Still get some text rubbish coming up right at start of boot, which if you use chameleon wizard to install the latest bootloader you dont get (so much nicer), any reason why the multibeast bootloader shows this info at boot and how to stop it?
Regarding the Power Management Hibernate Mode, i suppose it still doesn`t support X79 chipsets???
Great update thank you!
FakeSMC works now without <string>darkwake=0 PCIRootUID=0</string> (gtx 670)

I have one problem which appears in few ways:
1. Hot corners does not work,
2. Hiden dock appirs when I click mouse on the motto (before without clicking)
Mouse left click stays on Icons after I let it go-disconnecting mouse realist it.

Is it mouse or software problem?
Thank you
Updated toleda's patched AppleHDAs to the 10.8.3 versions ---> can anybody explain this? the previous version as i know not mention this update.
Thanks! My SilverStone EC04-P Pci Express USB3 card is now working with both USB2 and USB3 devices correctly. The controller is a NEC uPD720201.
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