MSI 9 Series Motherboards - OS X Setup and Configuration

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MSI MPower X99S
2x 500GB SSD Crucial MX200
M.2 Samsung 256GB SSD
64GB Crucial Ram
GTX Titan X and Geforce 210 for Pre Installation

Hey Guys,

i'm sitting here for 2 day's, trying to install Yosemite on my system. I tried the X99-UEFI-Clover-Yosemite/Mavericks and Haswell-E + X99 Motherboard Temporary Guide - OS X 10.10. No success. After Booting the Clover Bootloader, i'm getting a Black Screen with the white Apple with loading bar, without reaction and my system restarts.

kext-dev-mode=1 npci=0x3000 nv_disable=1 and nvda_drv=1
and i tried many different combinations etc. ;-(
any one any idea ;-(

that's so sad. it looks like the it is impossible to get the MSI MPower X99 to run.
Has anyone had success overclocking on these boards?

I have a Z97 Gaming 9 AC and a 4790K and when ever I try to overclock the machine boots fine but when it goes to sleep, all USB ports are dead when it wakes up. Doesn't matter how much or how little the over clock is. It boots and runs stable at 4.8GHz but again when it wakes up all USB is dead. Reboot and everything is working fine.

I found one guide online but I think it was for a Z87 board and some of the settings it referenced I couldn't find. Just to note I am booting with Clover and currently running 10.10.5. The full specs are in my sig.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
hey guys, i'm having trouble getting to the installation, so each time i run the usb i see the apple logo and the thing fills half way, then my pc restarts. my hardware is:

msi z97s krait edition
i7 4970k
gtx 980

any ideas???
Hey there i currently have a MSI z77ma-g45 i want to install mac osx El Capitan but not so sure now that i realized my motherboard mite not work... Help please :banghead: hehehe
What about MSI graphics cards? Are they fully compatible?
Big thanks! And for people who don't have these features you need update bios!
any one luck with a MSI X99S MPOWER and 5960x intel i7?
I have a H97m G43 with an i3 4170 that wont boot past "root device uuid is :"
other specs are:
gtx 960 4gb gigabyte g1 4gb
samsung 840 evo ssd 128gb
8 gbs viper extreme memory

thanks for the help if i can get any
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