Solved > MPOW M5 bluetooth headset refusing to connect

Dec 17, 2012
Gigabyte H77N-WiFi
HD 4000
I'm using a CSR bluetooth dongle (this one and it was working well enough for my needs on Mojave. After doing a clean install on Catalina bluetooth continued to seemingly work fine with my magic trackpad, however my bluetooth headphones would refuse to connect, saying "Connection failure". I tried several things to make it work the way it was before but didn't have much success, until I figured out how to reset the connection on the headphones side. It looks like it was caching some kind of secrets from the earlier install that needed to be discarded. My in-ear truly wireless bluetooth headphones have this reset sequence, which is missing in their own documentation:
  1. Disconnect any active connections, place both earphones into the charging case
  2. Press and hold both earphone buttons for > 15 seconds
  3. Remove both earphones from the case simultaneously
  4. Earphones will blink white until they establish a connection with each other, and then start blinking white-and-red when they're ready to pair
  5. Pairing attempt from Catalina now succeeds and you're golden again! :cool: