More beginner information - without comments

Jul 23, 2017
Z370 AORUS Gaming 7
RX 580
MacBook Pro, Mac mini
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I'm about to embark on my first build and this website has been essential to getting to grips with the process. I do however have some suggestions for improvements that would make first-time hackintosh builders feel more confident in making the plunge.
  1. Central place for up-to-date beginner info and glossary of terms - The buyers guide is great, and the golden builds forum invaluable, but it would be amazing to have a non-forum page that lays out a lot of basics like common terms and and acronyms. After browsing for a week, I've only just learned what an AIO is, and how a 480mm radiator will have 2 x 240 fans. Another example is how PCIe slots work and what happens when you use more than one on one motherboard. I know I can just google all of this, but there is SO MUCH to learn that it has taken me ages to reach a point where I feel confident enough to pull the trigger on Amazon and buy the parts. I actually started thinking about doing a hackintosh a year ago, which meant that every time I checked in, all the gear has been updated. If there was a page on this site that worked as a glossary of terms, it would give me more confidence if I could learn most of what I need without leaving the site, and I could get to buying more quickly. I know I can also find a lot of this info in the forums, but some are thousands of comments long, and can be tricky to decipher what is relevant to me.
  2. Use cases - This info could also be included in a central place for beginner information. So many hardware choices, I have learned, are dependent on the end use case. Things like, NVIDIA vs AMD, open-CL vs. METAL, dual boot, video editing vs. gaming vs. rendering, FCP vs Premiere, etc, etc... Due to the fact that I have to leave the site to learn a lot of stuff (without delving into the weeds of the forums) I ended up going round and round in circles because 99% of the info outside this site is for people building PCs to play video games, not editing videos - so googling about graphics cards is a minefield, and even when I find some video editing oriented information, the author often assumes the editing is being done on Premiere, and does not weigh the advantage of using older, apple supported AMD cards on FCPX to get better performance when compared to editing on the latest and greatest NVIDIA card with Premiere. Am I better off with 2 x RX580 cards for my video editing hackintosh, or one Vega 56? I've been browsing for hours and still don't have the answer. If there was a place on this site that at least primed new users to these nuances - without the confusion of users being able to comment - that would be super cool.
  3. Links to photos and videos that are good demos of the basics of hardware building - how to apply thermal paste, what's order of things when doing your build. Common pitfalls and hazards etc.
I hope you can take my comments as genuine suggestions and not criticism, and I understand that that complexities of some of these issues mean that making a one size fits all beginners guide very difficult or impossible. I really do think tony mac x 86 is a fantastic recourse and is already one of the best places for info out there. It's just that, for people like me, I'm not only doing my first computer build, but I'm also doing my first hackintosh. Having more info on here that I can trust - without every man and his dog giving their two cents- would be a huge bonus to help calm my nerves. Don't worry though, I'm definitely a tinkerer, and up to the challenge, I'm not one of those "just go to the apple store" people.