Monitor won't wake up

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Jul 23, 2012
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Hi :)

Working on this config (Willie):

- Asus prime Z390-a
- i9-9900k (uhd630 as headless, HW acceleration OK)
- rx590
- running mojave 10.14.4, SMBIOS imac18,3
- Clover 4911beta, Lilu 1.3.5, WEG 1.2.7

I disabled sleep for the computer (not for the monitor)

After 1h, when the monitor goes to sleep, it won't wake up again.

EDIT (20191025): The monitor doesn't wake up normally when it goes to sleep (I wake it up by using VNC). Sometimes the monitor doesn't go to sleep at all for days. That's a little more convenient but still not normal behavior.

If I connect to the system using VNC/Screen Sharing, then the monitor wakes up and I can then operate the machine normally.

I attach below my /E/C folder.
And here's my /L/E:

Any advice?



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Did you ever find a fix for this? Having the same issue. I have to unplug the HDMI then plug it back in to get display.
Did you ever find a fix for this? Having the same issue. I have to unplug the HDMI then plug it back in to get display.
No it's a real PITA. I gave up and hope someone may find a solution. Maybe you will ;) keep me informed :)

I do even worse than you! I wake the monitor up via VNC :lol:

Have a great week-end
Exact same strange behaviour with my HD630 and Catalina: the monitor wakes up correctly every 2 sleep/wake cycles.

Try connecting with VNC and put the system to sleep again. The next wake up the monitor will switch on correctly...

I thing the issue is due to ports assignment (DP/HDMI). I tried patching framebuffer with Hackintool but without success..

Edit: i realized that unplugging and plugging again the displayport (or hdmi) connector reactivates the monitor.

Edit 2: simply turning off and on the monitor, the display wakes up. Headache.

Edit 3: I noticed that a complete sleep/wake cycle is not necessary to reproduce the issue: it does not turn back on even after turning off due to desktop inactivity.
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Same here with my second monitor ... my first one always wakes up regularly ... I'm even thinking it might be DP version dependant ...
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