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Dec 30, 2018
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Hello Guys. Newbie here.

Thanks in advance for all the support given along these last years in the forum.
I still remember when I first tried to install Hackintosh on a Vaio 10 years ago and didn't really succeed when it came down to graphic issues.

I spent (or invested) some big amount of hours during the last 1-2 weeks to get my system to work now. I almost am proud of myself right now :D
I can't numerate all the issues I found and all the possible answers I've tried to make it work. After few clean installations I think I started understanding all the bootflags and EFI folder system and its config.plist.

I'm reading a lot about how to enhance the graphic cards (Integrated HD630) while I don't get a VEGA56 that I'll during this week probably get on 2nd hands but, with no fortune, can't get it right.

I don't understand much about DSDT and code like HEX... I've been testing basically changing few inputs on config.plist with Plist Edit Pro and Clover Configurator Itself.

Also, when I tried High Sierra Installation and it held up for a little, I got my Firewire Saffire Pro 40 to work through the USB-C (with 2 adaptors, yes that's right) but now it's not detecting it, sadly.

I hope the files I attach may support you supporting me because I don't know what to change or where to put myself into first place anymore.

Thanks again,


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