Mojave boots on SSD using USB port, but boot fails with same SSD on SATA

Nov 17, 2018
HP ProDesk 400 G5 MT - Clover
UHD 630
This is my first Hackintosh project, and I was getting pretty far (steep learning curve though!!) But now I have been trying to solve the following problem for the past week and would really appreciate any tips that could lead a solution.

After much trial-and-error, I successfully installed OSX Mojave on an 2.5” Samsung 860EVO 500GB SSD with a Clover UEFI bootloader partition. I can now boot into MacOS when this SSD is connected with a mSATA-to-USB cable on any of my USB ports (both USB2 and USB3 no problem). When booting to the SSD using an USB port, booting is now flawless and everything except audio for now works: integrated graphics, USB ports, LAN etc. I haven’t worked on the audio issue yet, but think I can get this working too.

The problem is: when I take this SSD from its external USB connector cable and place it internally using the SATA3 connector, boot fails. Using -v, it hangs on AppleUSBHostResources, then kernel panic follows (screenshot attached).

I am very puzzled by this. From what I have been reading, it would make a lot more sense the other way around (i.e. if it would boot using SATA but not from USB due to issues with USB port handling).

Attached is my Clover folder and ‘screenshot’ of the boot error.


Other relevant info:
- I am using Rehabman’s USBInjectAll kext as well as the USB Port Limit patches for Mojave.
- This is a prebuilt machine (HP ProDesk 400 5G). See profile; I don’t know the mono OEM, just that the chipset is Intel B360. So using the XCHI-300-series-injector-patch.kext as well.
- There is another UEFI HDD connected through SATA, this is a Windows 10 drive. Clover sees this drive as a bootable device as well, and it boots flawlessly. I have so far assumed this W10 HDD doesn’t affect the Hackintosh drive boot.

Would much appreciate your thoughts on this odd behaviour.


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