Mojave AppleHDA Audio

Thanks a lot for the responses, I will try when i get back home. Toleda, i did read B. Acidanthera/AppleALC but it was not fully clear to me, hence me verifying if the steps are a correct understanding of this post
For users updating to Mojave, the Audio ID will be the same as it was for High Sierra. No research required, no config.plist edit required for Mojave audio.

Even if going from old method (CloverALC) to new (Lilu / AppleALC)? Good to know, I thought in some cases it may be different and though it best to be cautious. :thumbup:
I have upgraded to the release of Mojave. Glad to see the computer sleeps now and audio is still working fine.
Even if going from old method (CloverALC) to new (Lilu / AppleALC)
The codec files are exactly the same for both methods
Ithought in some cases it may be different
Developer created a new property, alc-layout-id, and new code to ensure the user experience was the same pre Mojave as with Mojave
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Can I enable SPDIF-IN with AppleALC for the Realtek 898 codec?
moved to mojave on my nuc6 i3syh with no probs except losin' audio. tried different ways but at last just saved the original applehda kext and installed my high sierra 10.13.6's one like a charm.
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Can I enable SPDIF-IN with AppleALC for the Realtek 898 codec?
Install Xcode - Apple Developer
Install GitHub Desktop
Clone GitHub - acidanthera/AppleALC repo (Local repo)
Local repo: install Lilu.kext (debug), compile AppleALC (if not successful, full stop)
See audio_ALC_guides/Customization.pdf/Procedures/1. Add SPDIFIn
Edit/Resources/ALC898/layout1.xml and PlatformsT.xml and Resources/PinConfigs.kext
/Contents/Info.plist as noted
Backup the edited files.
Compile, install AppleALC.kext, restart
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Evening, folks.

I have upgraded to Mojave on my i5 6500/Asus Z170P-D3 desktop. However, I'm not able to get audio to work, except with VoodooHDA. Voodoo only gives me stereo on my ALC887. I have a 5.1 speaker set.

I have tried installing AppleALC with Lilu. I already use Lilu for my Intel 530HD graphics (until nVidia updates their drivers for my GTX 750). If I try using -alcbeta -lilubeta with Layout ID of 5, I get a kernel panic in AppleALC. It doesn't seem to matter which Layout ID I try using.

And yes, I uninstalled VoodooHD.kext prior to installing AppleALC.