Moarfish's build - GA-B75M-D3H i5 3570K

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If you are installing a fresh copy of MacOS probably will only see MacOS install. After install is complete should see MacOS Preboot.

There should be an option for both MacOS Preboot and MacOS if you are using my EFI. Sometimes Preboot can be hidden in Clover - Gui- Hide Volume -Preboot.

Attached is an updated Clover EFI with Smbios Imac 14.4. It works on iMac 14.4 not 14.2 (outdated on Big Sur 11).
Hi, I finally managed to get Big Sur installed, with the following Clover settings and then edited my Catalina Config with Quirks (image attached). Also changed system definition to MacPro 6,1. I used the serial and SmUUID from my Catalina config, iCloud and iMessage work fine.

Thanks for responses guys, it all helped!


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I finally switched to OpenCore after 3 days of time figuring out the guide at
it worth the time
The GTX 760 is not a problem in Big Sur, I have one in one of my builds.

The GTX 760 works in Big Sur but I'm having issues waking from sleep.

The machine goes into sleep no problem. But, when it wakes, the screen is blank. An ideas what is causing this?

I've tried changing the system def and darkwake settings but it doesn't make a difference. I have the latest Whatevergreen kext.

I have no sleep/wake issues when the card is removed.

I have fixed my waking from sleep blank/black screen issue by disabling the Serial Port via the Bios.

Peripherals -> Super IO Configuration -> Serial Port A=Disabled and Serial Part B= Disabled
hey peeps, I got a new tv LG43 UM7400 4K IPS TV as my monitor,

I wonder which card could drive this beast in Mac OSX? I am currently running a gt 1030 using web driver , I only gives me 2560*1440@60hz via HDMI cable.

My work laptop, can drive the same monitor using a USB -C cable to HDMI @ 3840x2160 @60hz. So the LG 43 is working fine.

I wonder what did I miss at the Mac set up? I try using the alt key by pressing down scale, it does not give 3840x2160 option ...

Is there is card could work with Open Core and will be able to drive this beast TV as a 4k monitor?
Nvidia GT 1030 works with web driver in High Sierra.
Change BIOS into Win 8.
Disable CSM support.

And the Mac pix pascal card patch just working file with High Sierra.


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I noticed something wonky about this motherboard.
I usually do not turn the power off for 2 weeks, etc. But recently, I was not able to pass the BIOS screen, and it just stalls there.

I had no choice but to pull the BIOS battery out and hope it would lost all memory, etc.

Then I got a halted on not found OpenCore, etc. I suspect either the SSD is having problem or the mobo is showing sign of aging.

I fixed it by forcing flash the BIOS, and it all worked again..

Is there a way to swap out the mobo and still be able to use my CPU, memory. etc.?

Thank you.
I currently have this build (roughly the same motherboard, Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz, built in HD 4000, USB audio device, 16GB RAM, Western Digital SSD). It's running High Sierra, with Clover. (Originally built it running Mountain Lion. Feels like forever ago.) The HD 4000 is "Metal" compatible, no?

What's the recommended procedure for installing Big Sur? (Is Big Sur compatible?) I'd like to keep High Sierra on the existing drive and add a new SATA SSD for Big Sur, and dual-boot, at least for a while...
OpenCore has a well written instruction to load Big Sur for the HD 4000- the last "gift" from Apple.....
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