ML hangs at boot logo after installing FakeSMC

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I used my backup that time (and the time after), but it seems to be a reoccuring error when adding the FakeSMC.kext and HWMonitor. When inspecting FakeSMC it only contains the Plugin-folder, so it might be possible to solve it by installing the options one at a time. Will try it later and post photo of screen if it fails again.

I have the same problem :
> GA-Z77n-wifi
> I7 3770K
> 16 Gb RAM Vengence
> GeForce 640
> Samsund 256Gb SSD

.... install ML 10.8.2 OK, install graphics OK, and then install FakeSMC & FakeSMC plugin >> non OK :( stuck at boot, and no possibilities to go one step backward... forced to reinstall all !!!!

I tried to remove manualy the FakeSMC.kext but the OS still stuck at boot.

IMPORTANT : there is no OemSMBIOS.kext in the plugin folder (Sys/Lib/Ext/FakeSMC.kext > cont>plug> ...), so that is NOT the problem :)

NOTE : Now i do a time machine backup in a 2nd DD ... i suggest everybody to do that.

If someone has investigate on this issue ....
No more news on this subject ?????
i had those problems while installing with latest MULTIBEAST for MOUNTAIN LION ... after i instaled with the oldest version, than the fake smc from kozleks site DID WORK ...

multibeast V 5.2.1 ..... fakesmc ... NOT WORKING
multibeast V 5.1.3-1.... fakesmc .. DOES WORK

HWSensors 64bit (kozleks) V 1.0.123 .... USED ...

motherboard GA Z77X-UD5H

sorry for my bad english ...
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