ML fresh install with Vertex 4

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May 26, 2011
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Has anyone been successful or simply attempted to install ML on this drive? I was doing a dual boot with Win7 (did it several times with Lion using Vertex 3)...When did Unibeast, it would not find the drive at all. Linked it to working Lion and partitioned the drives, installed Win 7 first with success and restarted. After that ML does not recognize the drive at all on new sys. I re-attached it to Lion and found both partitions..still does not work.
Yep, 256GB Vertex4 running here.
Disconnected all other drives, partitioned before first installing Windows on the 3rd partition, then ran Unibeast and installed ML on the 2nd partition.
All worked perfectly first time without error.

Are you running the latest Motherboard BIOS and Vertex4 firmware?
These were the first 2 things I did after getting the drive, so not sure if it made a difference.
when you did the ML install was it direct to vertex using Unibeast? or did you have to partition it using a different sys. As fas as i can tell I will try to upgrade the BIOS and will have to do the firmware in Win7.
OK, I was using the exapmle from the Blog video...will try this one later today. Firmware for Vector 4 is 1.5 so its up to date.
I did pretty much what that page said other than using terminal. BIOS for my GA-Z77-D53H is updated to 6.

See images:

As you can see, I installed Windows 7 on the 3rd partition but again, for some reason Chimera does not recognize the Mac OS partition (its Ext journaled also).


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Thinking that the GB UEFI would take care of this...AHCI was never enabled. Motherffffff......installing now
I am really new to SSD.
Are we to install as usual and then just add the TRIM option in unibeast?

I have the vertex 4 too.
Didn't use the TRIM option. Just directly connected to mobo
Didn't use the TRIM option. Just directly connected to mobo

Yea the Vertex4 256 ROCKS! So Fast! I do however use the Trim Enabler... The drive will do GC (Garbarge Collection) on it's own but only when it's idle for some time and if it is over 50% ( I think) full.
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