Missing hard drive on USB installer and corrupted ouput booting fresh installation

Jun 19, 2013
ASUS / P8P67 EVO rev3 (Clover)
960 GXT
  1. MacBook Pro
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Hi guys,

I trying to install High Sierra on my PC by two ways: 1) From fresh Sierra installed OS by High Sierra installer app, 2) from USB installer. But I'm having troubles.


OS: MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
Mobo: ASUS P8P67 EVO rev3
CPU: i7 2600K
GPU: GTX 560Ti (Nvidia web drivers)
SSD: Sandisk Extreme 240G (MacOS SSD)

Using the first method to try install High Sierra, after installing a fresh copy on Sierra I downloaded "Install macOS High" and I installed it. When I tried to boot into the "Install macOS High Sierra from MacOS SSD" it fails and get output corrupted (attached EFI/CLOVER directory used), as you can see here:

I tried this with diferents clover versions, unibeast 8, clover pkg(r4289, r4259..), clean config.plist, my actual config.plist from Sierra copy. Nothing works. Any ideas?.

Another problems comes when I try to use a USB to install High Sierra on my PC directly. In this case I created successfully the USB installer, but when It's booting the log show Disk0 IO error (for some reason my SSD is not properly detected), causing that my SSD does't appears how a hard drive option to install High Sierra. What can I do?.

UPDATE (17/11/05)
I did a new test, I got a external hdd with more than 16GB to use unibeast. I booted with external hdd and only ssd at the same time, and after y I did it connecting both hardrives (HDD with actual Sierra installation and SSD where I want to install H.Sierra). I booth cases the boot up log shows disk0 IO error or disk1 IO error (first when only ssd is conectes and second when booth hard drives are connected), then when I run disk utility on the installer of H.Sierra from the external hdd only shows the mechanical hard drive (when actually I've Sierra), never shows the ssd.
Is it incompatible with H.Sierra?, It's works fine in Sierra (I did a fresh install to try update it to H.Sierra, as I mentioned above).

Thanks for your help.


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