Missing G5 Motherboard Risers. Alternative for Lian Li etc Mobo Tray.

May 22, 2013
Gigabyte > GAZ77-UP4-TH
RTX 580
MacBook, Mac Pro
I am currently embarking upon my first Hackintosh project and G5 case Mod.

I am, right now, at the stage where all my internal components are sitting in wait of a shell in which to be installed, very frustrating!

I will post my build in another thread later, though I thought I would post this information here, in case anyone with the same problem should find it useful.

The G5 case I bought on eBay, had all of the internal G5 stock Mobo Risers removed and as I am intending on installing a Lian Li Mobo Tray for my Case Mod, I found myself stumped on how to secure the back of the tray and offset it from the G5 Case.

Most Case Mod blogs, nonchalantly suggest repositioning the stock risers into a new position and securing with JB Weld. Though having found some information here in the Forum about the length of those stock risers, I sought out to find a suitable alternative for those of us that don't have the stock risers to hand.

I looked around and found these on eBay. They are also available on Amazon and I am sure at many other online retailers.


This is an M3x14 Female to Female Hex Standoff.

The information I imparted on these Forums, was that the "Middle" sized G5 stock riser, is the most suitable and most used standoff in Case Mods using Mobo Trays. These Middle risers are quoted to be 14mm length.

The Standoff above is an M3 size, this is the size of the internal thread and the size of the nut that it will receive. 14mm is the length.

Here is also a shot of the standoffs temporarily installed on the Lian Li Tray using the unused mobo riser holes. (The Lian Li tray uses M3 size Mobo Standoffs to separate an ATX Mobo from itself)


You can see here that the 144mm Standoffs will leave ample space between the G5 case and the Tray.

I will next drill some evenly spaced holes into the Lian Li Tray and set to JB Welding them in place.
Also, I believe they will be useful in positioning the HD Caddy underneath the Optical drive, the right way up... and more uses.

Hope this information will help some Mod'ers without the original risers.