Minimum upgrade for dual LG Ultrafine 4k?

Dec 16, 2015
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My current setup, as in my profile, is an i5 2500K in an ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3, with a 7970 GHz Edition driving dual Dell U2412Ms (1920x1200). I've been happy with this for a good 5 years of general use, as well as about 3 of Hackintosh (many thanks to this community for the fantastic tooling). However, since I got a 2016 MBP, I've been missing Retina/HiDPI when looking at my desktop monitors. I was happy to find that the LG Ultrafine 4K that launched with it is not simply doubled-up 1920x1080, but rather 4096x2304, meaning I'd get effective vertical height of more than 1080. These two factors, combined with the fact that I could also use them with my MBP, have basically sold me on the Ultrafine 4K. I would like this community's help with figuring out the minimum upgrade to drive two of them:
  • I understand, from reading posts here on the topic, that the Ultrafine monitors operate over a USB-C alternate mode carrying DisplayPort data.
  • Most results for ``Ultrafine'' when searching this forum turn up results for the 5K, which mentions being consistently unable to drive it at simultaneous full resolution and 60Hz. Would this also be an issue with dual 4K?
  • I know I need a beefier GPU. Strictly speaking, I don't care for the ``minimum'' in this department. From initial poking through these forums, I've found that the latest architectures with macOS support from both AMD and NVIDIA should do; is this correct?
  • Do I need a new motherboard (therefore new CPU too) that itself has Thunderbolt support to use the Thunderbolt 3 expansion cards from Gigabyte, Asus, et al?
  • Will it be possible to daisy-chain the monitors when driving them from my Hackintosh?
  • Note: I'm entirely happy to go a generation or a few behind on Intel chipset+CPU if there is a working configuration like that.
Any and all help, answers, known working hardware suggestions, etc, are appreciated. Thank you!
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