Mini / Fanless Hack?

Nov 29, 2015
Lenovo Yoga X1 (1st gen)
i7 6500u
Intel hd520
I'll start by saying that I've been out of the Hackintosh scene for about 4 years now. I successfully built 2 very functional machines after researching compatible components, and have since sold both machines (parted). I'm currently working on a Macbook Pro provided by work, but since I commute, i'd rather just leave the Macbook at work.

That being said, occasionally I work from home. I was entertaining the idea of purchasing a cheap, Chinese fanless PC. I realize quality may be an issue, but to be honest, the machine will likely be used once or twice a week. I'm also on a REALLY tight budget with the purchase of our new home.

With all that out, i'm wondering if anyone has had success getting Mac OS running on a Fanless, low power consuming PC. I like to tiny size of these machines as my den is the size of a washroom :crazy:

I was planning to get one of these:

But I just can't see myself being productive on Windows OS. Mainly because I haven't used Windows in over 10 years (nothing against Windows itself).

Thanks for any feedback.