Migrating to new SSD

Aug 18, 2013
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Hi all. I've been happily running a Hackintosh for about two years now, everything working perfectly. I'm planning to upgrade my M.2 SSD soon, so I've been wondering what would be an appropriate migration path.

My idea is as follows:
1. install new SSD alongside old
2. partition it so there's an EFI partition, a Mac APFS partition, and an NTFS Win 10 partition (since I dual boot)
3. migrate data simply by `ditto` or `cp -r` or something

The only thing is I'm not sure I can actually migrate Win 10 data from OSX, so I guess I will need to boot into Windows to do that.

Now I'm not sure if this will actually work, or if more work needs to be done to mark the partitions as bootable/etc. properly. Does anyone have experience with this?

Or should I always be using a partition-aware external program to migrate data?

Thanks for any help :)