Migrating from Clover to OC 0.5.9 + long boot

Jun 1, 2013
Gigabyte Z490 Vision D
5600XT & 6800 XT
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Hi all,

I am about to start building a new hackintosh based on Z490 + i9 10900k and in the process I am planning to migrating to OC.
Before building the new rig, I am migrating my current hackintosh from clover to OC 0.5.9. AS per my signature, my system is based on a Z97X UD5H + i4790K + 5600XT. This config is working fine on clover.
I have followed the OC doc to the T for an Haswell platform and encountered a few problem. First is my config.plist on OC is configured to use opencanopy.
When I boot the system, I have the usually bios screen then after a little while the screen goes completely black. I thought that I stuffed up something and rebooted a few times trying to fix the issues. Then there was one time where I decided to wait and after a good 20s I had the opencanopy icons where I could choose my boot drive. Any idea what could cause such a long delay?
I can post my config.plist if needed.
Following the boot drive selection, the Os starts loading and eventually crashes and reboot. I have not figure out the reason of the boot because I don't know where to find the log file.
I am assuming that once the Os loads, it is a different log file and not the OC log file that you can find on the EFI partition. any idea where I could find this log file?